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6 June 2012
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Theme Problems

First of all thanks for offering to help!

Ok this is what it looks like now. And look I love it frankly. I don’t want to change it. But it doesn’t offer captions under photos and being that its to support the Believe In Sherlock movement this will become an issue. Very soon. The creator can’t do anything about it. So I thought, the theme on my own blog is nice, I’ll use that one. It offers the sidebar on the left or right.

This is what happens when I add LM’s theme:

If you can’t see either image:

No sidebar options appear. No changes happen in adding images. Very little in terms of the customising I’m used too. And I was pretty good at the classic version. Now I’m at a loss. I need a new theme for this blog because I don’t know how to add photo captions myself, nor do I have any idea how to go about editing html on this newer customize.

Thank you, any help is appreciated.

Alright, so it looks like this is just Tumblr being dumb. As usual. It looks like what you’re saying is when you put in sidebar options and everything it just doesn’t show up? Because as long as the options are there in the appearance options you should be good. I realize it’s hard to not be able to preview your theme customizations, and even moreso if you’re a blog whose followers often visit your page, so you don’t want it to be down or looking funny for any amount of time.

In my experience, the customize page actually works, just the preview doesn’t. I’m messing around with it right now and I’ve actually got the preview to display right! What you’re going to want to do is make a test blog, a secondary blog to test your theme and all your customization options. This is what I do when I make a theme. You can password protect it if you like so no one can spy on your changes or follow your blog.

Once you’ve got that test blog made, go into the customize page and paste your code where you normally would. Update preview, and it looks pretty messed up, right? Okay, now save it and reload the page. Ta da!

Now you should be able to mess around with the customization options and have them show up right in the preview, but if they don’t, here’s what you do: set your appearance options how you want them, save the theme, and check it out on your test blog’s page.

Now, what kind of sucks is in doing this, no matter what, you will have to have the theme with its default appearance up on the blog you want it on for a short amount of time. But the more you know about exactly how you want to set the appearance options ahead of time, the faster you’ll be able to do it, and the less time your followers will be seeing the defaults.

As a finishing note, if anyone has any problems with the customize page, please do not hesitate in emailing Tumblr Support. The more attention we bring to these problems, the more likely they are to do something about them!

6 June 2012

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6 June 2012
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