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Shocklock texture pack 8# - Click image or here for download link.

26 June 2012
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this is my second texture pack, enjoy!

feedback is not necessary but it is appreciated.


13 June 2012
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6 June 2012
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Texture post #12


Click here to download the zip @ mediafire or here to download @ deviantart

  • This set contains 42 textures, made from my own pictures/scans and public domain images.
  • Liking the set if you like the textures would be appreciated.
  • Credit would be lovely but it’s not necessary.
  • Don’t steal this set or redistribute.
  • Enjoy! <3
31 May 2012
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Texture Pack #3 - Pink grungy textures

Download from here.

Please like or reblog if downloading. If the textures get more downloads than this post gets notes, then I will delete it.

30 May 2012
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29 May 2012
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Second pack.) Please like or reblog if you take it!

Feedback appreciated ^^

29 May 2012
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Textures pack #01 - by paramoresmydrug.

This is my first pack ever and the first time I make textures. I made 12 textures to share with you guys and I hope you enjoy them all because you can make a lot of different things with each of them (I tested it myself) and have a lot of fun on photoshop!

Download → mf

Please, like this post if you’re downloading them, thank you.

27 May 2012
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  • 3 [x]
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  • 6 [x]

if you don’t know how to use textures > take a look at this tutorial

please like if you’re downloading any

26 May 2012
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my first texture pack. all of these are my photos, all right reserved. saved as .rar files.

- do not claim these as your own.
- credit is not necessary when used, but is always welcome.
- please like or reblog if you have downloaded these.


22 May 2012
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