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Filmtable for 365 Movies Challenge


How to install: Go to the Customize page, click Pages and then Add a Page. Type in a name for the page and make sure you select Custom Layout. Now you can paste the code in the box and edit it as you please.
Do not remove, change or move my credit in any way.
Do not use it as a base. Do not repost and claim as your own.
Send me an ask if you have any problems or questions.
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22 May 2012
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blogroll by steferine

blogroll theme #4: 

download - { link here

blogroll theme #4. it has a scrollbar. opacity included but when you hover it, it becomes bigger and the opacity disappears and it becomes clearer. brownish/greyish colors. change the colors/fonts/etc if you want but don’t touch the credits. ( do not remove the theme credit )

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21 May 2012
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