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It’s quite a simple theme, so nothing too exciting. It is a slightly different version of the theme that I used, I only made small changes to it. There’s no difference between download 1 and download 2. Some people just have problems accessing pastebin, so download 2 is easier for them :)

  • Please read the F.A.Q before asking anything about this theme or my other themes!
  • I will only answer questions about the technical problems with this theme. If you want to add/remove/change something, you have to do it yourself. Google can help you and also this page.
  • You can add 3 custom links under ‘Appearance’, they will appear in your sidebar, under the description
  • There are already 3 links next to your icon, I suggest you don’t add more there, it’ll just look weird..but that’s your choice.
  • Please remember to click ‘Reset Defaults’ under ‘Appearance’ when downloading this theme (just so that the colors won’t mess up when you save them) and use the old customize page.
  • *Keep the credit in the same place
    *Don’t steal
    *If you get any problems/glitches - feel free to ask me (but please give me time to answer your questions!)