Theme Name by designer


*If you find any errors and glitches, if you see something, please let me know so I can correct.

*This theme allows you to upload two pics:
1 -
The smaller icon (any square image will appear round), 100 x 100px;
2 -
Normal sidebar picture, 250px wide.

*After uploading the pictures or adding links check the respective little boxes in the appearance options.

* Don’t forget to click ‘Reset defaults’ in the ‘Appearance options’ after you paste the code. (Use the old customization page if the new one doesn’t work)

* Option to add 4 links to the sidebar and pages

* Sorry, but I won’t answer any questions about minor changes, like adding a userpic, the sidebar position, etc. Feel free to do them yourself. I just can’t make all the requests I get. I coded the theme this way, this is how I’m sharing it.

- Please keep the credit link / do not redistribute. 
- Don’t copy any parts of the code, please. If you want to use this theme as a base, ask first.