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Texture post #12


Click here to download the zip @ mediafire or here to download @ deviantart

  • This set contains 42 textures, made from my own pictures/scans and public domain images.
  • Liking the set if you like the textures would be appreciated.
  • Credit would be lovely but it’s not necessary.
  • Don’t steal this set or redistribute.
  • Enjoy! <3
31 May 2012
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Promise by heartens

Theme #004: Promise
Code: Here / PreviewHere

This theme is a little different than the one I’m currently using but it works the same. The sidebar must be 250x200, any more or less and the it won’t hover properly (I’ve said the before in my previous theme). Keep the description short. So, here are the customisations.


  • Infinite Scrolling 
  • Subtitle
  • Hover Over Sidebar Image
  • Sidebar Image (must be 250x200)
  • Hover Over Permalink
  • Six Custom Links (The coloured tabs above and below the sidebar image) *
* When you add your custom links, add the link title where it says ‘Link Name #’, when you hover over the tab, it will show the URL title (see preview for example). If you want to change it, you’ll have to customise it yourself.

Works best in Google Chrome. 
Customise it as much as you want just don’t remove the credits, redistribute or use as base code. Please use customise classic to install. 

Please like/reblog if you’re using. :)

31 May 2012
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Texture Pack #3 - Pink grungy textures

Download from here.

Please like or reblog if downloading. If the textures get more downloads than this post gets notes, then I will delete it.

30 May 2012
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005 by cmbatman

→ preview here + live preview here

Basic rules found here, along with the other themes. Feel free to ask me any questions you have, but please browse through the faq before doing so. It would be of great help not only to myself, but to you as well. Be sure to use the classic customize page when customizing your theme!

30 May 2012
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29 May 2012
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Second pack.) Please like or reblog if you take it!

Feedback appreciated ^^

29 May 2012
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003: Live Preview / Download (slide out links, square)
004: Live Preview / Download (non-slide out, circle/square)

  • Up to four custom links
  • Quick reblog
  • Post width: 400px or 500px
  • Webkit scrollbar
  • Background image
  • Post info on side or bottom

Everything can be customized in Appearance. Use classic customize for easier editing. Don’t steal, redistribute, remove/move credit, use/redistribute as base codes. Reset defaults in Appearance for the color scheme in the live preview.

*Please like/reblog if you use this theme

28 May 2012
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Theme 005: live preview / download (the code works but please note that this theme has not yet been updated to be as ~customizable as my other themes)

  • Post hover for info
  • Fixed navigation links on top
  • 250px sidebar and sidebar image
  • Hover over sidebar for description

This theme will look best if you do add three additional links to the fixed top navigation.

The usual rules apply: don’t redistribute, don’t claim as your own, and don’t remove the credit. Please don’t move it to a secondary page either.  Remember to use the old customize page for easier editing. ‘Reset Defaults’ in the Appearance Tab for the color scheme in the live preview. Any questions, feel free to ask!

*Please like or reblog if you use this theme

28 May 2012
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Hurts Like Heaven by thewicked-eternity

Theme 011 - Hurt’s Like Heaven
 Live Preview - Install - Raw Code

Finally here’s my new theme. As always, if you need any help with the theme, ask me here.

This theme comes with an already added background in the bar next to the sidebar. You can obviously change the colour scheme. There’s an option to add 8 links and you can add a sidebar image with the width of 265px.

Please don’t remove the credit link and please don’t redistribute this theme as your own theme. I spend hours coding and it’s not nice seeing your theme redistributed. Also, please don’t steal the live preview sidebar image. Enjoy the theme.

27 May 2012
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Textures pack #01 - by paramoresmydrug.

This is my first pack ever and the first time I make textures. I made 12 textures to share with you guys and I hope you enjoy them all because you can make a lot of different things with each of them (I tested it myself) and have a lot of fun on photoshop!

Download → mf

Please, like this post if you’re downloading them, thank you.

27 May 2012
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