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Sure. I'll be patiently for waiting if this page have finished. keep your good work! I'm so glad to have a cooperation each others on theme-makers :-) fukuo

Thank you! I know, it’s exciting when we all get together and form a community. :)

6 June 2012

to do:

Tomorrow, June 6th 2012, I will accomplish these things in regards to Sweet Themes:

  • about page
  • submission/request guidelines
  • finish setting up my new theme website
  • so I can post my themes here!
  • queue up more themes and tutorials!

Now you all can hold me to it. :)

6 June 2012
love your themes and page in here, all here is perfect me gusta!!!!! <3333 fukuo

Hi, thank you so much! I just got the notification you were following me and started smiling, it’s so awesome to be followed by other theme blogs. :) Sorry the blog’s not quite finished yet, but when it is I hope you like it! <3

6 June 2012
6 June 2012
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6 June 2012
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Are you absolutely sure about regular customize? Because I add one of IM's themes and the posts were super elongated and the sidebar non-existant and the options not existent either. the one I have is nice on my other blog but captions dont show under photo posts and now I cant even fix that songofages

It worked for me? I’m really sorry if it’s not working for you. Could be something in the theme code is messing up the customize page, though it really shouldn’t have any affect on it. I know Tumblr’s got problems and I’m very sorry. Maybe if you send me some screenshots and more information via the submit feature I can be of more help?

6 June 2012
Hey! Just thought I'd let you know, some of your links aren't working very well. hisgracekeepsmeafloat

Thanks, I’m aware. The site’s not officially open yet, I’ve just been posting things for the archives. I know I need to get some links fixed and do a few other things, too, I just haven’t found the time.

6 June 2012
Can You Please Tell Me Exactly Where To Put The Image Url..I Want IT In My Sidebar On The Left Margin tiggermynigga

Sorry, can you please be more specific?

6 June 2012

Dear Prudence by lovegoods

Theme 003 Dear Prudence: Live Preview / Download Code

If you have any questions about the theme go here.

Do not steal or redistribute this theme.
Leave all credit intact and do not move it to a secondary page.
You can edit it but do not claim it as your own just because you changed a few things

5 June 2012
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don’t panic!

While themes do look pretty messed up in the new customize page, it’s usually just the preview! Using the new customize instead of the classic shouldn’t mess your themes up too much. I recently tried it out because my codes weren’t working properly in the classic customize page, and found it to be actually pretty nice! If you can get past the weird navigation and annoying sidebar layout. In fact, the new customize page is what I made this theme in!

So, while this is a bit troubling and incredibly annoying and - sigh - just another thing Tumblr’s decided to take away from us for no reason whatsoever, we can get through this!

5 June 2012