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hello. it’s been a while.

i’ve decided (not so much by choice but by past inability to keep things updated) to abandon this blog. i know, i’m sorry, it was such a short project and really went nowhere, though i had big ideas for it. the thing is, there are plenty of resource blogs out there, and i don’t need to be spending all my time being just another one of them.

i am a web designer, and i’ve been out of the game far too long. i look forward to jumping back in and creating again, and i hope you guys understand that i need to focus on creating my own works.

i hope you continue to follow my works. i’ll let you know when i’ve got my new design blog set up. :)


rachel (tangerine)

13 February 2014


I’m back! Sorry for the super extended blackout. I’ve moved and been without Internet for a very very very long time. I plan on getting Internet at home again soon, and then I’ll be back on track with all the designing and sharing :)

Thanks for sticking around. Hope y’all have a great night!

24 February 2013


Theme Makers Blackout was an idea, a month in the works. It’s a statement to show who we are, what we want to stand for, and hopefully, speak out on behalf of all the theme makers that have already decided to leave and/or remove their themes. During this blackout, all participating theme makers will not release any new themes, answer theme related questions, or have their themes available for use for three days (72 hours).

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1 September 2012
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Things To Do Before Asking Theme Makers Questions


By doing a couple things you can not only maybe help yourself but do a huge favor to theme makers. By doing these couple of steps you can find out where the source of the problem is coming from:

01 Refresh & Test

The new customize appearance still has kinks in it that make the preview of it not always look right. Don’t rely on the preview. Make sure to refresh the customize page after installing it so that the customizable defaults for that theme show up and are rendered in the preview. Test blogs are always nice to check what your theme looks like live instead of the preview that is never correct.

02 Update Theme

If your theme still is off even on the test blog and not the preview in the customize page. Try and re-copy and paste the theme, maybe there was an update to the code you missed, maybe you accidentally didn’t copy all of the code. Re-install the theme just to make sure!

03 Check Appearance Options

Need to change a font, colors, font sizes? Make sure to check out the appearance section to see if the theme maker hasn’t already provided you options for that. If they haven’t for simple things like background color and un/bolding text W3schools  explains well how to do simple CSS style changes.

04 Check FAQ & Answered Questions

Sometimes it can be daunting but often times you may be asking a question that has already been answered. Check the theme maker’s FAQ page or answered questions - who knows you might find what you’re looking for. If you don’t like wading through an ocean of text just CTRL + F search for some key words.

05 Google!

The internet is a vast space full of knowledge and answers. Basically magic when it comes to finding answers. Sure you have to sort through the duds but who knows, you might just find what you’re looking for.

Asking Theme Makers Questions:

If it comes to the point where you’ve tried and can’t solve the issue on your own, ask a theme maker but keep this acronym in mind. 


Keep in mind that theme makers answer questions for free and by no means have to, so to avoid ask boxes getting closed just be mindful. You don’t have to say please and be formal and what not but a “Thanks!” at the end goes a long way. 

Be specific! If it’s a certain theme make sure to mention it and explain as best you can. Questions is one thing but receiving vague questions isn’t much help to the theme maker or yourself. To help that, maybe read it over to make sure it would make sense to a stranger and that way you don’t have to play What, Where, and How? with theme makers.

1 September 2012
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Google Tips for Theme-related Queries


As you know, Google is a powerful tool nowadays. But sometimes you just don’t know how or exactly what you should be looking for. So here’s a few tips to help you if you’re looking for theme/layout related stuff.

  • Everything related to the appearance of your theme, such as: colors, fonts, sizes, transition effects, etc., it’s in the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). So if you’re looking for anything related to how customize your theme, remember to include the word CSS in your search. For example, if you’re looking for a way to make your text bold, you should search for:

font bold CSS

When you type this, the first link that appears in the Google search is this one » CSS font Property, on this page you find not only how to make your text bold, but also everything else related to fonts customization.

  • Use quotation marks. Putting some or all of your search phrase in quotes means that Google will search for pages that contain that whole phrase. For example, if you entered tumblr themes, without quotes, Google would find any pages containing the word tumblr or the word themes. In this case, pages with both words do end up higher in the results, however, if you surrounded it with quotes (e.g “tumblr themes”), it would search only for pages that contain that whole phrase. Remember that “tumblr themes” is not “themes tumblr”, it will search for the words in a specific order.

We know that Google doesn’t always have exactly what you’re looking for, but thankfully, regarding tumblr themes you can also count on themes/resources blogs that are typically full of tutorials, resources, tips and helpful links.

Here’s some helpful links if you want to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript:

1 September 2012
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Shocklock texture pack 8# - Click image or here for download link.

26 June 2012
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  • Tea’s favorite fonts collection: 18 fonts including Aliens League, Anarchistic, Arvil, Babydoll, Bird Feather, Ballpark, California, Carnivalee Freakshow, Coca Cola, Complete In Him, Danube, Franchise, Harry P, Haymaker, Infinity, LeviBrush, Pirmokas and Ranger.
  • Disclaimer: We do not own these fonts!
  • Download the pack here.

25 June 2012
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25 June 2012
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Rec of fonts/type faces I use for my typography edits. Thank you everyone for following me, I hope these will be very useful in the future!

1| Arvil - Arcitecture -Airstream -Antechamber - Acidstep - Banana Brick - Book Jacket - Broken Records - Baja California - Broadway

2| Carbon Block - Chrome - Cinerama - Elephant - Every Typeface Is A Wise Font (ETIA) - Frontage - Franchise - Geomancy

3| Fashion Victim - GRN Burgy - Hyped - Intro - Lemniscate - Londrina - Maagkramp

4| Kredit - Madonna - Nougatine - Neuropol - Musa - Orial

5| Steelfish - Sullivan - Sketch Rockwell - Tandelle - Telefono - VHIA

24 June 2012
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Letting Go by steferine

theme #22: letting go- { live preview

download - { link here

this is my twenty second theme. make all the changes you need. keep the credit on, you guys know the deal. the width of the sidebar image should be 180px. the height of the sidebar image should be 200 px. it resizes for you guys. remember to check out my theme faq since i’m not answering individual coding questions. ( do not remove the theme credit )

like/reblog if you like/are using the theme! ♥

24 June 2012
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